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Reckless Abandon Guild Charter

Section 1: Statement of Purpose

Reckless Abandon (RA) is an Alliance guild on the Garona server of World of Warcraft. Our guild was formed with the principle focus of guild progression, not individual progression. The four tenets which we follow are maturity, respect, unselfishness, and common sense. Our guild compromises and caters towards “hardcore” players and our guild structure, guidelines, and loot system will all cater towards this type of player.

Reckless Abandon intends to be an active and respected part of the server’s community. Our members are usually more than willing to extend a helping hand whenever we can, so long as the requests and expectations are within reason. However, please bear in mind that Reckless Abandon is not a charity organization. Our members are trying to experience and enjoy the game in their own right, and we will not always be able or willing to assist other guilds or players who may be in need.

Reckless Abandon believes in a system of mutual respect and cooperation among all guilds and players. While Reckless Abandon does not intend to get involved in server politics and controversy that doesn’t directly involve the guild, Reckless Abandon will take those actions necessary in order to protect and defend the guild or its members in any controversy that may arise.

Section 2: Guild Structure

Reckless Abandon is led by a collection of five High Officers. The High Officers provide the guild leadership and establish guild policy on guild structure, inter-guild relations, raiding, and help resolve conflicts within the guild. Beneath the High Officers are the Class Officers which discuss the loot system and recruitment. The loot system is handled by the class officers because we wanted a loot system that all classes felt comfortable with, thus the Class Officers taking on the responsibility.

High Officer Powers and Responsibilities:

  1. High Officers have the power and responsibility to mediate conflicts. This applies to internal guild conflicts as well as conflicts with other guilds.
  2. High Officers are responsible for representing Reckless Abandon when dealing with other guilds, providing guild goals, and providing general leadership for the guild.
  3. High Officers have the power to remove a member from the guild with just cause and majority vote. The reasons for guild removal must be made publicly available.
  4. High Officers have the power to invite a player into the guild once guild membership criteria have been satisfied. See our membership policy for details.
  5. High Officers have the power to enter into binding agreements with other guilds with a majority vote (Trades and Alliances).
  6. High Officers have the power to change the guild charter or other guild workings with a majority vote.

This list of powers is not a complete list, as situations may arise in game that requires the High Officers to take on other responsibilities. The list may also be amended as needed.

Voting Procedure

Any officer can put something up for vote in the officer's forum on the message board. The officers then vote yes or no. If any officers have not voted within one week they are considered to have abstained. For an item to pass it must have more yes votes than no votes. A tie results in failure to pass.

Officer Replacement

If an officer needs to be replaced nominations will be made by the current officers. Nomination requires membership in the guild for at least three months. Each nominee must give their consent to be nominated. Nominations will be made on an officer thread that will stay open for three days. After that time voting begins with each officer and class representative having one vote apiece. To be promoted a candidate must receive a majority of the total votes. If no one receives a majority, the person with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated and voting will happen again. In addition, High Officers and Class Officers will be voted upon on a 4-month interval.

Officer Removal

For an officer to be removed a list of reasons must be posted on the guild forum member section by another officer. That officer is the sponsor of the removal motion. The motion will remain open for one week during which he guild will have an open vote on whether the officer should be removed. To pass the motion must have 2/3 yes votes including at least two officers voting yes. If the motion passes the officer in question will be demoted to member and replaced.

Class Officer

There will be one representative for each class in the game. A person cannot be both a High Officer and a Class Officer. If a Class Officer is promoted to officer their previous position becomes vacant and must be filled. Elections for Class Officers will occur every four months.

Class Officer Duties

Class Officer are responsible for representing their class to the guild and also serve as a model for the other members of that class. They like the High Officers are held to higher moral and ethical standards versus the rest of the guild. They are in charge of recruitment, figuring out the loot system, and maintaining the loot system once it is established. Also, any issues with a member of the class may be brought up to a class rep who may act as a mediator. For example, if a mage is causing trouble the mage class rep may handle the situation and talk to the offending player. The exact guild hierarchy goes: High Officer > Class Officer > members of that class. So the rogue rep is in charge of the rogues, priest rep in charge of the priests, etc.

Class Officer Replacement

If a class representative needs to be replaced a thread will be made on the forums by an officer calling for a vote. Members of that class may vote on which among them they want to be their representative. You may not run for Class Officer if you are currently on probation. Nomination requires membership in the guild for at least one month. Class representatives can be re-elected. The voting thread will stay open for one week during which nominations and voting is expected to be taken care of. Majority votes wins. Ties will be resolved similarly to ties in officer replacement.

Section 3: Guild Member Code of Conduct

Reckless Abandon has a certain standard of behavior for its members. We expect our players to be mature. To avoid confusion this code of conduct lists how a member of Reckless Abandon should act with regards to others. Violation of this policy, depending on severity, could result in punishment ranging from a warning to expulsion from the guild. And just because something isn't listed here doesn't mean you're free to do it. This is a list of a few specific things and does not encompass all bad behavior. As a general rule, don't be an ass and use common sense. If any guild member is causing problems please bring the incident to the attention of an officer or the appropriate class rep to be dealt with. Do not of all things bring the incident into /g chat.

1. Actions: Be nice to your guild mates. Don't harass other people, guild mates or otherwise. Remember that there is a fine line between joking around and being a jerk and that we are using a text chat system where meaning can often be confused. On the other hand, do not have a constantly negative attitude. We don't expect everyone to be perky all but the excessive whining is bothersome.

2. Guild chat and Message Boards: Reckless Abandon is a mature guild so there will be occasional swearing. The more mundane curse words generally don't bother us when used in moderation. If this sort of thing does offend you, you probably shouldn't be in the guild. What does bug us is serious obscenity, hard core sexual references, etc. Don't use this kind of language in our guild chat or forums. On a related note, keep political/religious/ethnic debates out too. This is an escapist game; we play it to get away from junk like politics. If you want to argue about politics join a private channel or something. Finally, do not caps lock spam G chat. One line is ok, but if you’re found to do it on a repeated basis just to get attention the officers will have a chat with you.

3. Behavior Outside the Guild: As a member of Reckless Abandon your deeds represent our guild. Therefore here is a short list of things not to do in the game.

  • Don't grief other players, horde or alliance. Not only is it frowned upon but it is against Blizzard's rules and could get you suspended.
  • Don't spam public channels. While we're at it, don't spam private channels either. In fact, just don't spam. It's annoying and makes you look like an idiot.
  • Don't exploit. It is cheating, plain and simple, and we don't cheat at our game.
  • When posting something in the Garona forums please keep the guild's reputation and image in mind.

4. Non-activity: Any guild member who is inactive for over a month without notice will be removed from the guild. Anyone who is inactive for over six months with notice will be guild removed. Inactivity is defined as not attending a raid. People guild removed in this way are welcome to reapply when they return. Individual exceptions to the inactivity rule may be granted by the council based on someone who should be in the guild but is not a raider. There are also exceptions for those in the military who are deployed. They will be exempt from guild removal due to inactivity until the council decides they will most likely not be rejoining the game.

Anyone inactive or gone from the game for over month will be considered an initiate for 30 days with regards to loot upon their return. This will be done with a guild note, not by demoting them to initiate.

5. De-guilding: Any guild member who removes themself from the guild will have to reapply to rejoin the guild. Deguilding is not to be taken lightly so don't try to use it as some sort of way to get attention. If you leave the guild you and try to rejoin, then you will be put in a probation status for a set amount of time. If this happens a second time, you will not be reinvited. Exceptions may be made for honest accidents if brought up to an officer quickly. Exceptions may also be made with a majority vote of the officers. All appeals regarding guild removal must be brought to the high officers.

6. Alternate Characters: Guild members are allowed to have one alt in the guild at a time. We prefer people to focus on their mains and we don't want our roster cluttered up with alts. Members are expected to not have any characters in other guilds. If a member is found to have characters in other guilds they will be warned to pick a guild and stay with it. Further infractions will result in guild removal.

Section 4: Recruitment:

Recruitment is up to each individual class officer how they want to recruit their particular class. However, if you are found to be applying to another guild it is asked that you inform an officer of your intent. It is left to the Officers' discretion as to whether any action should be taken regarding the individual..

Section 5: Raid Policy

Raids are an important part of the Reckless Abandon atmosphere. As a high end guild we often raid for loot and quests. There are two parts of our policy on raiding.

Raid Attendance

Raid attendance is never mandatory but it is greatly encouraged. Raiding is where you get your high end gear and because we use a point system, going on raids is how you earn the aforementioned points. Even if a raid doesn't directly benefit you, you still get points to use toward getting gear on other raids. If someone is found to be constantly opting out of raids that do not have gear they want, that person will probably end up having a discussion with an officer.

Raid Behavior

The exact format of a raid is up to the raid leader. Each leader has their own style and will organize a raid their way. This is a list of general guidelines for what you should do on raids.

  • Listen to the raid leader and assistants. They are in charge and (usually) know what they are doing.
  • Don't talk in the raid channel unless asked a specific question. Keep the raid channel clear for raid instructions from the raid leader and assistants.
  • If you have to go afk let one of the raid assistants know and make sure you park yourself in a safe place or put auto-follow on someone who stays out of combat.
  • If a raid is pre-scheduled, the time listed is the time the raid starts killing things. Therefore, be online for the raid about 15 minutes early for organization and to get to the raid location. If you're pressed for time log in early that day or the day before and camp where the raid will take place so you won't have to travel there when the raid starts.
  • If you have an idea or suggestion for a raid, bring it to a raid assistant's attention who can then discuss the idea with the rest of the leadership. It can sometimes be difficult to communicate an idea with a lot of chatter going on. Be patient!
  • If at the scheduled time of the raid there is not enough to go the event in the message of the day, then it is up the raid leader and/or and officer to choose the place upon which to go. DO NOT speak up in raid chat and throw in your 2 cents.
  • When it is raid time and you are in line to get in your main MUST be at the instance and ready to get in the instance when a spot opens. You may log on an alt but let your class officer aware of this and what your alt's name is. Mains must do this to minimize the downtime of waiting for that member. If you do not place your main by the instance entrance and log onto an alt, you will be skipped in line.
  • Class knowledge is a must for our guild, we are based on progression and we need members that know their class in and out and can offer input on raids and whatnot. With that said, if you do not play your class with a high amount of knowledge, we will talk to you about your performance to help you improve in raids. If you do not improve in about 2 weeks, we will put you on performance probation. If you do not improve within the 2 weeks of probation, you will be removed from the guild We are a hardcore raiding guild and we need players that are willing to learn and listen.

Raid Loot

One of Reckless Abandon's defining tenets is guild progression above all else. Loot in 25-mans is dispersed among those in the raid at the High Officers' discretion in a way intended to best benefit the overall guild, not the individual player.

When an item drops that a player desires, that player is to send a tell to the current master looter with a link to the item that the desired item would be replacing. For example, if I were a prot warrior in the raid that wanted a new shield that dropped, then I would send a tell to the master looter. The tell would contain a link to the current shield I was using and any other pertinent info: "/t masterlooter [Shield_I'm_Using] oh and this is the last piece of my set, but I only want it if Joebob doesn't want it". The officers will then compile a quick list of people in the raid that inquired about the item and decide who should receive it. High Officers decide which person is best to receive an item by asking themselves the following question: "How can we disperse this item through the raid so that we can maximize its benefit to the guild?"

We're all too aware that every loot system has its weaknesses and strengths, naturally. Reckless Abandon feels that the most common alternative, a DKP system, is too impersonal and overall a poor method to allocate loot. It doesn't offer real incentive for progression or for going beyond the minimum required for the individual, which is why Officer-decided loot is our method of choice. Our loot method is a method that has worked very well for us, too.

Probation Status:

Probation status is to help create and support the guild atmosphere we set out to create. you will go on probation status if:

  1. You inactively raid for a period of one week without a legitamate reason.
  2. You perform poorly during raids as decided by class officers over a period of time.
  3. You break the guild charter on a continuous basis.

When you are at probation status you will be treated as an applicant untill you are taken off one way or another. members will receive priority on loot and will receive dkp at half rate.

After being in probation for two weeks without improvement on the reason for which you were put into probation, you will be removed from the guild and able to reapply to the guild at a later date.


Software Requirement

As being a hardcore raiding guild we require a few programs and addons to be a part of Reckless Abandon.*

* CTRA is not allowed in raids due to performance issues.

** The guild charter is subject to change upon a unanimous vote among the Officers. **