Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For evil fears me...


Reckless Abandon Officers and Class Captains


  • Aerdrie

  • Docanobear

  • Nanukie

  • Silaries

  • Wizerdree

Class Captains

  • Docanobear, Druid Class Captain*

  • Theomaniac, Hunter Class Captain

  • Turlin, Mage Class Captain*

  • Markbuzman, Paladin Class Captain

  • Souldin, Priest Class Captain

  • Wizerdree, Rogue Class Captain*

  • Arjunna, Shaman Class Captain

  • Silaries, Warlock Class Captain*

  • Silverghost, Warrior Class Captain*

* indicates an interim, or temporary, position.

- Last updated 2007-07-15